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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have for the past month been battling with finding the right dosage of Synthroid/levothyroxin.  I stayed exhausted, and at times unable to even get out of bed.  I would sleep most days not able to even start any project or chore without falling out before even getting a good start.  I ran out of my meds the first week of September and I just didn't go to refill them, it seemed that there was always something going on that kept me from going to the pharmacy.  I had an appointment with my doctor to get blood work done on the 21 of Sept. and then a follow-up on the 28th.  My labs results showed that my TSH was at 4.7, a tad bit high according to the new standards but right on target with the old standards. 

For those three weeks I was in heaven.  I had so much energy that I could go all day and when I finally settled in to go to sleep, I slept like a babe.  I lost 15 lbs because I was so active.  I had no problem going to the bathroom (BM) two or three times a day instead of the usual once every several days.  My fibromyalgia and arthritis pain were non existant.  It was AWSUME!!! 

Then, on the 28th follow-up, my doctor decided, when she saw how high my TSH was, to put me on a lower dose.  I was crushed.  I had been feeling so good and I thought for sure that maybe I didn't need the meds any more.  I picked up my meds on Thursday and took my first dose on Friday.  OMG!! I wanted to throw up but couldn't, my whole body felt like someone had taken a ball bat to it, and the fatigue was crippleing.  This went on over the weekend and then on Tuesday when I took my meds, I threw it back up, I couldn't get out of bed, I was so tired. 

I decided to do what my business is set up to do for others, RESEARCH into what was going on.  I contacted several experts in the field of thyroid disease and told them what was going on with me.  I also did a little digging myself.  I found out that everything I was experiencing, the itching and swelling of my face and eyes, the feeling that my sinuses were filled to the brim, the excruating pain from the fibromyalgia and arthritis, the extreme levels of fatigue, were all signs of hypothyroidizm.  But the real kicker is that I had these symptoms when I took the meds, not before I took them.

The experts got back with me and told me that I may be allergic to the fillers, which was a whole new set of problems and that I may need to take a more purer form of T3.  Also, I called my doctor and she has taken me off of the meds for the time being and will monitor my TSH levels to see what happens.  In the mean time I am starting to regain my energy levels and the sinus problems are slowly fading away, and the fibromyalgia pain has subsided to almost nothing again.

PLEASE everyone, listen to your body.  It will tell you what you need and what you don't.  It seems that I have a built in radar for when I have had enough medicine, no matter what it is, my body will reject it by making me throw it back up.  Take control of your health!!  Get as much information as you can about what is going on in your body.

Vaccine To Prenvent Colon Cancer

I was at my weekly GroupLink Womens meeting last night and we started talking about colon cancer.  It was mentioned that researchers were working on a vaccine for colon cancer.  Here is the updated information:

Vaccine To Prevent Colon Cancer Being Tested In Patients

ScienceDaily (2009-03-25) -- Researchers have begun testing a vaccine that might be able to prevent colon cancer in people at high risk for developing the disease. If shown to be effective, it might spare patients the risk and inconvenience of repeated invasive surveillance tests, such as colonoscopy, that are now necessary to spot and remove precancerous polyps. ... > read full article