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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are You Having Trouble Getting Disability

When I first thought about getting disability, after my first knee surgery left me unable to work, I actually thought I could do it myself. Wrong.

I called the Social Security Office in my area to find out what exactly I needed to file. They sent me all the paper work I needed along with the instructions on how to fill it out. I filled out all their paper work and sent back in and waited for them to make their decision. They denied me.

My next step was to get a lawyer that is employed by Social Security. I didn't know that I didn't have to pay the lawyer or I would have started out with one. You see you don't pay for the lawyer, they are paid by SSA and if you get back pay they get a portion of it. There was only two lawyers that the Social Security Administration referred to me. I choose the women thinking that she might be more sympathetic to my plight. Oh My Word, she was a quack. I did all the leg work and research while she sat at her office. When it came time for the hearing I found out that her husband was one of the judges. She did absolutely nothing in the hearing. She didn't defend me at all. At the end of the hearing the judge said my husband and I were not telling the truth but that he would give me the disability for two years after which it would be reviewed. That was 11 years ago and I am still on disability.

There is one thing I didn't tell you and that was at the end of the hearing my lawyer came out to our car and told my husband and I that I might want to think about having my leg cut off because it would be easier to get the disability that way.

Swine Flu Vaccine: Are You At Risk If You Have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

I have been doing a lot of researching into just that question since that is the business I'm in.  It seems to me that even our medical professionals are a bit confused when it comes to that question.  I asked one of my doctors I see if I should get the vaccine.  Her response to me was “I don't know.”  I'm not knocking her, she is a great doctor, but the information out there is confusing, one expert says yes another says no.  How are you to make a decision when the experts aren't even on the same page.

Every year there are always some who ask the question, “Should I get a flu shot this year or not?”  If you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome it is even a more daunting question, especially this year with the so called swine flu pandemic making news headlines.  There are just to many unanswered questions about the controversial H1N1 vaccine.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Kent Holtorf is interviewed about the swine flu and its vaccine, and he strongly recommends that people with mitrochondrial dysfunction, chronic neurological illnesses, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome not get the vaccine.  To use his words, “ I have seen it “devastate” people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Remember, the swine flu vaccine is not the same thing as the regular seasonal flu shot.  You and your doctor will have to weigh the risks verses the benefits of both vaccines and decide what course of action is good for you.

To read more about the risks of the swine flu vaccine go to

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Top 7 Steps to Increase Article Writing Speed if Internet Marketing Is A Key Marketing Strategy - Business-Coach - Leanne Hoagland-Smith