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About Me

I have had arthritis and fibromyalgia for well over 12 years now.  I have tried every thing that has come down the  pipe to find a way to ease my pain and all the conditions that are associated with these diseases.  

I have tried Lyrica with no success.  My face and even my mouth, swelled up to the point that I was having trouble swallowing.  I was scheduled to have total knee replacement surgery and told the pharmacist about my troubles and he advised me to get off it immediately.  Then Savella was introduced and I started taking it.  Love it!!  The only side effect is the nausea you have after taking it and all you have to do is eat something and that goes away.  I had no pain and the prickles were gone. 

As of last week I have been using Brain Wave Entertainment or Binary Beats and have been pretty much pain free this whole time.  I am also sleeping all night without the help of medications using these tones that reprogram your brain.  There are no side effects like with the drugs, the tones and the music that accompanies these tones, is relaxing and soothing.  I have lost weight and inches because I am more active now, my concentration levels are higher and I am almost back to where I was before I was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia in 1999.  

I live on an island on the outskirts of Savannah, GA.  If you have never been to Savannah, it is a beautiful city full of history.